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January 29, 2010

SSRS not able execute dataset

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Recently I have created few reports for Team foundation server. Dataset for these reports were calling stroed procedures and functions. These reports worked well in dev envionrment but not in prod. I have asked deployment team to run stored procedures on TFS warehouse database. Later I found that its because the SSRS service account was not able to execute these reports so for all the stored procedures and functions I provided execute/ select permission for service account and it worked.

Execute permission for stored procedures and Scalar functions

grant exec on dbo.prc_Report_GetCurrentIteration to TfsWarehouseDataReader

grant exec on dbo.prc_Report_ProjectBurnUp to TfsWarehouseDataReader

Select permission for Table valued function

grant select on dbo.GetIterationDates to TfsWarehouseDataReader

grant select on dbo.SplitString to TfsWarehouseDataReader


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