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April 29, 2010

TFS Warehouse controller service

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Team foundation server 2010 warehouse controller services can be accessed from following link on TFS App server

http://<TFS App Server>:8080/tfs/teamfoundation/administration/v3.0/warehousecontrolservice.asmx

It gives following services in the list. Highlighted ones are specially useful to synchronize warehouse and olap databases.


April 28, 2010

Explorer view of MOSS 2007 site not working on IE8

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Explorer view of MOSS 2007 site not working on IE8

when I’m working in shared documents, I’m trying to use the explorer view. It says ” Please wait while Explorer View is loaded. If Explorer View does not appear, your browser may not support it. ”



This seems a known issue; If you are not able to carry out your work without explorer view then you may try following options to make it work:



  • If still not working then try below (Make sure Web Client Network Protocol is installed in your client machine)

1. Go to START > RUN

2. Type _services.msc_

3. Locate the _WebClient_ service

4. Open the service and make sure startup is set to _Automatic_. If service is already stopped, you’ll have to hit _START_ after setting to Automatic.


  • Try deleting all the temp files in the following locations:

    c:\documents and settings\[Username]\nethood
    c:\documents and settings\[Username]\application data\microsoft\web server extensions\cache

    Then try running these commands in sequence

    net stop webclient
    net stop mrxdav
    net start webclient


  • Actions -> Open With Windows Explorer this will open a new Windows Explorer window that is in reality a web folder to the Document Library.

April 23, 2010

Incorrect TFS 2010 work item url from email

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Recently I installed TFS 2010 (RC) and write my custom web service to send email based on various business rules. Email send by the service had incorrect URL and I got following error




Windows cannot find ‘:8090/wi.aspx’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.





Later I realized that this issue is because I haven’t turned email alerting on. Once email is enabled and proper smtp server setting is configured from TFS Administrator console, url’s are automatically correct even for custom web service. Email can be configured as below.

Do following setting on TFS App server.


  1. Launch “Team foundation server administration console” from the TFS App server.
  2. Select Application Tier node
  3. Go to Email Alert settings group
  4. Click change Alert settings and specify correct settings


  1. Click ok
  2. Iisreset or recycle tfs specific application pool and job done.

Team foundation server 2010 Beta 2 expiry date

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Team foundation server 2010 Beta 2 expires on 30/06/2010. You can check this from your Team foundation server administration console.

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