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May 24, 2010

Things to know

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.Net performance related links


Asp.net interview questions


Sharepoint interview quetions



 Class/Struct, Value/Ref type, Boxing/ Unboxing, PassByValue, PassByRef, System.Object, GetHashCode, Equals, ==, IComparable

Managed Code, MSIL, byte code, CLR, CTS, JIT, CLS,

Assembly (Private, Shared, Satellite, local, global), Manifest, Metadata, GAC, Strong Name, ILDASM, Gacutil, Delay Signing,

garbage collection, Compaction, Pining, Finalize, Destructor, Dispose, GC.SuppressFinalize, Resurrection,

process, apartments, threads, task

Localization, globalization

Static Class/Method, Interface, Abstract class, Polymorphism, Sealed class, virtual, Derived, final, private, public, internal, protected,

System exception, Application exception,

CCW, RCW, PInvoke

static extern int Sleep(long dwMilliseconds);

Thread, Sleep/Interrupt, Suspend/Resume, Abort, Wait, Join,

BeginInvoke, EndInvoke, IAsyncResult, WaitOne, Callback method

Lock, Monitor, Mutex, Reader/Writer, ManualResetEvent/AutoResetEvent

Abstract class/method, interfaces, virtual, override, new

Indexer, Extension methods, Enumerator

Serialization, Remoting, Web services

ADO.NET, Dataset, DataAdapter, Commands, SQlConnection

Debug, trace, logging,

Yield, dynamic

Delegate, Event, MulticastDelegate, Asynchronous delegate, IAsyncResult

Threading, Wait, Join, Task, Thread Safety, AppDomain

AsParallel().WithCancellation (cancelSource.Token), 
Parallel.foreach, ThreadLocal<T>, Task.Factory.StartNew, Task.WaitAll , Task.WaitAny ,
AggregateException, TaskCreationOptions, CancellationToken , TaskContinuationOptions, 
ContinueWith, TaskFactory ,


Serialization, XML Serialization, Binary, Benefits

XML, Parsing

Linq, Lambda express, anonymous methods, extension methods, anonymous types, generic, partial classes

Threading, Deadlock, Synchronization

Dataset, SQLConnection, Adapter, Command etc..

Unity, Inversion of control, dependency injection, interception patterns


Page lifecycle

state management (viewstate, cookies, hidden files, querystring, control state and Application state, session, profiles)

Cache (Dependency (File Based, Time, Key Dependency), Expiration), Cache Callback, Page output caching, page fragment caching


AJAX, HttpHandler, HttpModule, scriptmanager, updatepanel,

session, state,



Unification of NET remoting, MSMQ , Web services , COM+

Transport scheme(TCP, HTTP, Peer network, IPC or Pipe, MSMQ)

Hosting (IIS, SelfHosting, Windows Activation Service)

EndPoint, Address, Binding, contract

ServiceContract, OperationContract,

DataContract (DataMember, IsRequired, Order), KnownType, Serializable,


MessageContract, MessageHeader, MessageBodyMember

WSDL, WS-Policy

ServiceBehaviour (PerSession, PerCall, Single)

two way (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms731064.aspx), security, Asynchronous, Transaction)

OperationContract overloading not supported due to limitation in WSDL (Use name property for overloads, this will be used to create method names in proxy)

receiving/sending messages to/from WCF service (instead of operation parameter)

OperationContext.Current.IncomingMessageHeaders.GetHeader(Of String)(“ServiceMessage”, “ns”))



Stored procedure vs User defined function


Delete vs Truncate


Correlated subquery and Subqueries

Temporary table, Global Temporary table vs table variable


Clustered / Non clustered index

Exception handling




Dynamic parameters in sql stored procedure

Profiling, performance tunning

Design Patterns


Prism, CompositePresentationEvent

MVVM, MVP, Observer, Repository, Facade

Unity how to resolve with multiple parameter constructor http://classicalprogrammer.wikidot.com/registering-constructor-parameter-with-unity-container



Event, AttachedEvent, Routed Event (Tunnelling, Bubbeling)

IValueConverter, ObservableCollection, INotifyPropertyChanged

Page, Class, User Control, Context, DataContext

Command, CommandParameter, CommandBinding, RoutedCommand (Execute, CanExecute),

Resources, Resource Dictionary, Managed Dictionary, Static Resource

Content, Template, ItemTemplate, DataTemplate, ControlTemplate, ContentPresenter,

Style, Trigger, MultiDataTrigger, Setter,

Dependency Propery, DependencyObject, Binding, TemplateBinding, Path, Mode, RelativeSource, AncestorType, Converter (Convert/ConvertBack),

Transform, StoryBoard, VisualStateManager, Animation,


Brush, Panels, TextBlock (Inline, Run), Grid, DataGrid,


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