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February 2, 2010

SSRS Report on TFS 2010 Portal

Sometimes default reports which comes out of the box with process templates are not enough and custom reports are required. These reports can be put together on SharePoint team portal to create a dashboard or part of existing pages/ dashboards. If using SSRS on SharePoint integrated mode than rdl files of these reports can be copied directly on document libraries. Sometimes SSRS is not running on SharePoint integrated mode specially when SSRS is deployed in different box then SharePoint box. In such cases using Web page view web part can be quite useful.

Let’s say there is project collection called “PCollection” contains a project called “PProject” contains a report called “PReport” then URL for this report on page viewer web part will be something like


If report is located within folders let’s say “Dashboards” then URL will be


If report name of folder name contains multiple words then space between these words should be replaced by ‘+’ symbol. For example in above examples folder name is “Project dashboards” and report name is “Burn up report” then URL will be something like



January 29, 2010

SSRS not able execute dataset

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Recently I have created few reports for Team foundation server. Dataset for these reports were calling stroed procedures and functions. These reports worked well in dev envionrment but not in prod. I have asked deployment team to run stored procedures on TFS warehouse database. Later I found that its because the SSRS service account was not able to execute these reports so for all the stored procedures and functions I provided execute/ select permission for service account and it worked.

Execute permission for stored procedures and Scalar functions

grant exec on dbo.prc_Report_GetCurrentIteration to TfsWarehouseDataReader

grant exec on dbo.prc_Report_ProjectBurnUp to TfsWarehouseDataReader

Select permission for Table valued function

grant select on dbo.GetIterationDates to TfsWarehouseDataReader

grant select on dbo.SplitString to TfsWarehouseDataReader

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